Posted by : E.v.R. | On : September 30, 2011

As soon as the iPad inspired a slurry of Android clones I’m sure more than a few writers thought, “Now I can write that novel or screenplay in bed, waiting at the doctor office, or yes, even while sitting on the toilet!”

But wait! Not so fast. How does the state of the art stack up for mobile writing? Can you actually use a tablet for writing just yet? Let’s look at the state of writing software on mobile devices.


  • Scrivener – From the Scrivener blog; “…the Scrivener team is looking at the possibility of an iPad version down the road.” Syncing from Simplenote is available. [Update]: Tablet usage of Scrivener for Windows on a Surface Pro, but not the Surface RT.
  • SuperNotecard – No mobile app, but if you’re a registered user you can sign up for a profile and enter note cards on the Mindola website, which can be synced to SuperNotecard.
  • Celtx – Mobile apps available.
  • Final Draft – Nothing. No mobile app.

Mind Mapping

Docs & Notes

The news gets considerably better in the area of note-taking apps. There seem to be a ton of them for both platforms.


No shortage there either.


Spring for a highly expensive Windows tablet if you want to be able to run “everything,” otherwise the iPad is your best bet for things like Celtx. Software developers, game on!

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Happy Birthday Quantum Storytelling!Six years ago today I started this blog. Many novels, movies, TV shows, and video games have been written and produced during that time. For my own part I have helped guide professional projects to market at the expense of some of my personal projects. Among those casualties; A novel, graphic novel, and screenplay.

The primary reason I stopped updating this blog was in respect to those project casualties. It didn’t seem sensible or fair to keep writing blog posts while my other writing projects languished in some dark musty basement of DNF sunk cost and procrastination.

With the game on store shelves, I am no longer haunted by the looming spectre of an unshipped giant, or feel the deceptive pull of that particular sunk cost. It is with some humor and humility I turn to a different kind of sunk cost; The sunk cost of my long abandoned writing projects, including this blog.

There were times when my interest in the craft and mechanics of writing as expressed through this blog were the sole spark to keep my writing projects alive, and as such I believe my self banishment from blogging may have been a mistake. Rather than competing for my other writing projects, this blog served in support and cathartic cooperation to the principles I was practicing in my craft. Any competition was merely for my time, and it was my own fault for not setting aside more of it.

Self-flagellation aside, it’s time to turn to the future; Writing projects, one of which is this blog.

The future begins with the right here and now.



Posted by : E.v.R. | On : October 26, 2010

Just in time for NaNoWriMo the writing and note card software Scrivener has posted their first free available beta for Windows. Go download it!