What is project Quantum?

Posted by : E.v.R. | On : September 27, 2005

This is the journal for project codename Quantum. Quantum is a writing project being developed by redchurch.

Why a codename?

Eventually I’m going to copyright and trademark all of this stuff, and so there are certain concepts, names, and specific details that need to be codenamed or abstracted so they can be freely shared with you, the reader.

What is this blog about?

I will be talking about the writing process, character development, and intellectual property development. I may occasionally ramble about marketing or branding, but mostly this will be a worklog or ‘thought log’ of all the issues I’m dealing with in creating a cast of characters, a universe, and a story.

This blog is more for me, but I’ve listed it as a public blog in the hopes that maybe somebody can relate to what I’m going through or might learn from some of this.

Comments (5)

  1. Chris said on 06-10-2005

    “Eventually I’m going to copyright and trademark all of this stuff”

    Why? Who exactly do you think will steal your intellectual property in this instance? Even if you had the most brilliant idea in the world, what makes you think anyone else would actually be able to tell it was brilliant until they saw it realised? :)

    I can understand not wanting to share everything, but I think that copyrighting and trademarking everything is probably not necessary.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I started three months ago, and it has a vice like grip on my soul at the moment. :)

  2. redchurch said on 06-10-2005

    It’s less about theft and more about use. Same as when you buy a domain. You want to own the name, so somebody else can’t come along and use it out of the blue. Basic IP stuff, no?

  3. Chris said on 07-10-2005

    Sure, just don’t get carried away with unnecessary expenses. :) Register a domain name, by all means (they vanish quickly!), but registered trademarks are rarely worthwhile unless you are genuinally at risk from commercial theft.

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