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Posted by : E.v.R. | On : August 8, 2006

Why shower crayons work:

Routine. It forces us to focus and make decisions, even if it’s only for a few minutes a day. You don’t need hours, days, or weeks to make a decision. Most decisions can take place within a few seconds. Even the most creative thorny problems. You may not find the best answer. The answer may be as simple as “I will do this for now, until I find something better.” That’s still a decision, and a decision is better than no decision, or indecision. Routine decision-making is a big help.

Dedicated creative time & place. Showers used to be showers. Now they are a unique opportunity each and every time to push your story forward and solve problems. Shower time is also creative time. Under the relaxing spray of hot water, I can now clear my mind, and set aside a few minutes to do the things I never seem find to do or tackle during a normal day. Procrastination means you’re going to get very stinky. Creative problem solving becomes associated with hygeine. Which leads to…

Story hygeine & other associations. Being creative in the shower lends a lot of associations. Showers are a very zen personal time. Hot water, relaxation, clear your head. Isn’t that also the perfect time to tap latent creativity? When you’re relaxed, at ease, and in a decent state of mind? What better place to break through that anxiety, block, or unease than to choose to be creative in a relaxing, rejuvenating, hygienating, personal space?

Fun. Remember when you were a little kid, and when your parents told you it was bath time, you’d haul every toy you could find to the bathtub in an attempt to make it fun? At first mention, you’d often protest, “I don’t want to take a bath right now!” But once you actually get in the tub and start playing, goofing around, when it comes time to pull the drainplug climb out, and dry off, it feels like party time is over. As an adult your bathtub or shower time can be as short or as long as you like. But is it fun? Sometimes we need a little childish fun to push us forward and remind us why we write in the first place.

Go buy some bathtub crayons here.

Comments (6)

  1. Kathleen Bolton said on 10-08-2006

    Genius. Sheer genius.

  2. Eric said on 10-08-2006

    I have a feeling more people think it’s just silly. They don’t understand us procrastinators have to hack our way to productivity. ;)

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  4. Therese Walsh said on 21-08-2006

    I LOVE this idea. I take “thinking showers” all the time. (As opposed to “stone-dead-stupid showers,” which are the kind I take otherwise.) I definitely would use these!

  5. Eric said on 23-08-2006

    I forgot to mention that a whiteboard would work just as well. It’s something easy for writers to overlook, but having any kind of big physical ‘whitespace’ to plot things out really helps.

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