Site Woes

Posted by : E.v.R. | On : April 19, 2007

Thanks to Mr. Hocking and his readers, a problem with the site was brought to my attention. It appears my host’s page buffers alotted for my site were being overloaded, so if you were trying to reach the site and getting blank pages half the time, that’s why.

The interesting twist to this is that I think the real reason was because of spam. It appears spam was regularly coming through my contact form. The whole point in a contact form is so your email address isn’t exposed to spammers, but apparently they can hit/use the contact forms too. So I downloaded a different WordPress contact form that requires human input in the form of a question.

Anyway, long story short the problem *should* be solved now.

Thanks to Ian and readers for pointing it out. And here I thought it was some temporary BlueHost snafu…

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  1. Douglas Karr said on 19-04-2007

    Thanks for the mention and glad you’re back up!