Posted by : E.v.R. | On : August 6, 2008

In most of my experiences inside and outside the topic of writing there is a universal truth I have discovered, that is proven time and time again. I’m just going to get this out of the way so here it is; Procrastination is caused by indecision.

In essence procrastination is not just a lack of action, but also a lack of decision making. Closer to the root of the problem, it is a lack of desire to make a decision. You’re not sure what to do with a character in a scene, or how the plot twist will unfold. So you get out the mop or do the dishes, or watch a movie, or play a game.

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Posted by : E.v.R. | On : November 27, 2007

Do you like happy endings? Or do you like tragedy? Does the hero have to ride off into the sunset, having saved the day and living happily ever after? Or are you okay with the hero or heroes dying in order to accomplish their goal?

For me it’s all of the above. I like it all, on one condition; The sacrifices have to be meaningful.

I don’t read stories or watch movies to find out that change is impossible and the hero ultimately fails. And yet storytellers still pull these kind of shenanigans.

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Posted by : E.v.R. | On : November 26, 2007

In the unusual amount of freedom allowed to me by the Thanksgiving break, I managed to see The Mist and No Country for Old Men, both movies adapted from stories by popular authors.

I’ve read The Mist short story by Stephen King, but haven’t read No Country for Old Men, by Cormac McCarthy of “The Road” fame.

Both involve strong characters stuck in sticky dilemmas, forced to make hard choices which the audience may or may not agree with. But wait! Doesn’t the title of this thread imply this post was about Hollywood and formula?

Well here it is; Formula is officially dead. Or maybe it never existed. Love it or hate it, these movies break a couple fundamental rules. Rules that, if there were such a thing as The Formula, are clearly being violated in Hollywood left and right.

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