Posted by : E.v.R. | On : January 26, 2010

I’ve been away from the blog for a while. I have a good reason, though it’s likely to come across more like an excuse; I haven’t been writing. The last year has been tumultuous since 3D Realms shut down in May of 2009. I’ve been incredibly busy, involved in a lot of things, most of which I can’t talk about.

Suffice to say there hasn’t been much time to write but now that I’ve had a bit time off from hectic schedule I’m slowly delving back into the world of writing. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up — I can’t guarantee a commitment to daily posting like I have in past years of this blog. One of the simplest reasons is because the more writing I do here the less time and energy available to write stories.

In the meantime, I’ve stumbled across some great resources for writers in my sabbatical from this blog.

The podcasts of Creative Screenwriting Magazine are one of them. Enjoy!



Posted by : E.v.R. | On : December 10, 2008

I found this blog interesting because it chronicles how various well known authors spend their time.



Posted by : E.v.R. | On : August 6, 2008

In most of my experiences inside and outside the topic of writing there is a universal truth I have discovered, that is proven time and time again. I’m just going to get this out of the way so here it is; Procrastination is caused by indecision.

In essence procrastination is not just a lack of action, but also a lack of decision making. Closer to the root of the problem, it is a lack of desire to make a decision. You’re not sure what to do with a character in a scene, or how the plot twist will unfold. So you get out the mop or do the dishes, or watch a movie, or play a game.

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